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Crawl Space Nightmares

This video shows a flip house with a very bad crawl space. It had been inspected multiple times, but this major issue had never been addressed. That is why a home inspection done by an experienced and qualified home inspector is SO important.

Do We Get On Roofs???

Sometimes, due to inclement weather, or a steep roof pitch, we cannot walk the roof and use binoculars and a telescoping camera, but we do whenever possible. In this case, we found a small patch of roof that was deteriorated, needing a professional roofer to come out and further investigate the roof.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t!

This video shows water intrusion in a new construction that NEVER would have been found without this camera.  We use thermal imagery for no extra charge on all new construction inspections!! 

All About Radon

Learn more about radon in this home inspection video.

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